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Teacher Appreciation Week 2023: Give Them The Gift Of Hippey’s

As the calendar quickly approaches summer, it is almost time for kids to celebrate their long vacation! With June and July comes tailgates, grill outs, and pool parties, all of which can be catered with Hippey’s products. But before school is out, let’s take a moment to appreciate all the teachers out there providing students with their education.

May 8 thru May 12 is Teacher Appreciation Week, giving educators a moment to feel honored by both students and parents. For this year’s week, why not switch up from the cliche apple and give your teacher something unique. Because just like kids, summer is also the time for teachers to enjoy tailgates, grill outs, and pool parties. So give them the gift of Hippey’s, as our various products are a sure fire way to make any occasion a great one.

For snacking purposes, our various flavors of meat sticks & cubes offer plenty of choices for teachers to sink their teeth into. Opt for the sweet bologna sticks or spice up the flavor with our hot pepper cheese. When the grill comes out, heighten lunch with Hippey’s franks & sausages, which also come in a variety of flavors. All our franks are MSG free, making our beef franks and smoked sausage prime choices to throw on the grill. And you cannot forget our delicious ring bologna! Following suit with the rest of our products, our ring bologna has various flavors for you to pick from for your educator.

To have our meat products shipped to you, head over to our contact page to get in touch with us! Or, check out our locator and find the nearest store that sells Hippey’s! They are guaranteed to make you and your teacher’s next meal a special one!

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