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My husband and I moved to Delaware and could never find that perfect all beef hotdog, we traveled to East Earl, PA and the store we like had them, this was our first time trying Hippy’s. Let us say they did not disappoint. We’re probably going to have to order online since nobody supplies them in Delaware. The Best Hotdog by far!!!

Karen W.

Undeniable quality thanks to the simple ingredients. No fillers = an undeniable “snap” other mushy dogs can’t match. Great with kraut, added to baked beans, naked, or even added to Ramen noodles… The sky’s the limit with a Hippey Hot Dogs!

Matt H.

I loved your hotdogs since I was a kid, my husband is now a fan, but trying to order from your website, the shipping is more than the hotdogs! Please figure out how that can be trimmed, because even with both of us loving your hotdogs, $35.00 shipping seems a tad steep. If you could, we would be regular customers buying

Cindi S.

The underdog makes the best dog! There’s a ton of places in the area that make local namesake Lebanon Bologna, and if you live here a while, you take it for granted. My wife got some Hippeys/Denver Meats sweet bologna on sale the other day, and it really is a noticeable difference.

Anthony W.

They have the Best Beef hotdogs, ring bologna, sweet lebanon bologna and sweet sticks. I have been a fan for over 45 years and hopefully 45 more.

Michael F.

I have been eating Hippy Ring Bologna for many years. I never thought I would find a ring bologna I liked better until I recently tried Hippy Turkey Ring Bologna excellent!!!

Joe C.

Had my first Hippey hot dog. One of the best tasting hot dogs I’ve ever had. Going to try more of there meat products.

Chad H.

Best Ring Bologna, Best Hotdog, Period. Didn’t even like hot dogs until I tried Hippey’s, and now I can’t get enough.

Trey K.