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March Madness Munchies

It’s that time of year when basketball becomes life with brackets, parties, and lots of yummy food. It’s March Madness! Here are some ideas for March Madness Munchies that’ll make your party a slam dunk.


Dips and chip are a necessity for any event. Make something special with a cheesy skillet pizza dip to pre game the final using simple recipes like cream cheese, mozzarella, thin cut ring bologna or sausages from Hippey’s Meats, and you’re set! If pizza isn’t enough, give your snack table an assist with slow cooker cheeseburger dip or hot cheese dip. Whatever you and your guests prefer, they’re all sure to be winners!

Madness Munchies on a Bun

Looking for some delicious appetizers to make for your basketball game parties? Some Basketball Sliders are a perfect size and are an amazing snack all your guests will be dying to eat. If you’re looking for a more game day food, hot dogs are also a great option! You can also use delicious ham or ring bologna to make little basketball sandwiches! Choose your favorite crackers and cheese, then use an edible marker or food safe coloring to draw on the black lines of your basketball on rich yellow-orange cheese.

While not ball-shaped, hot dogs can still discretely incorporate the orange of basketballs with chipotle sauce or spicy mayo. All you have to do is get creative! Choose from a variety of frank hot dogs from Denver Meat Company for an endless combinations of flavors! Despite being a baseball favorite, hot dogs are still the number one in sports-related munchies.

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