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Make Your Next Picnic Great With Hippey’s Products

With still plenty of time to enjoy the warm weather of summer, there are a variety of ways to spend your August. From the pool to drive-in movies, the dog days of summer should be spent enjoying the longer days. And what better way to get outside and enjoy those days than by going on a picnic. Hot dogs should not be overlooked when planning a picnic. They are easy to prepare and transport, a crowd-pleaser, versatile, and affordable. So next time you plan a picnic, consider bringing hot dogs and enjoy a classic, delicious meal in the great outdoors.

But not just any hot dogs. No, when going all out for a picnic, the only choice for this endeavor is Hippey’s products. Beyond hot dogs, our team at Denver Meat Company also provides ring bologna, cold cuts, and snack sticks, too. No one will go home hungry when you stock up on Hippey’s products. So for any questions about our MSG franks, feel free to head over to our contact page to get in touch with our team today!

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