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Make Summer 2023 Picnics Even Better With Hippey’s

When you think of the word summer, what comes to mind? America’s Pastime? A trip down to the beach? Longer nights? While all of those are true staples of this season, we here at Denver Meats might be biased, but when we think of summer, the first thing that pops up are picnics. What better way to enjoy the warm weather than by getting some great food and taking it into the great outdoors. But you should not just choose any food. You need something amazing. Something mouthwatering. And nothing fits those descriptions better than Hippey’s products.

Whether you opt for the MSG free franks & sausage or our various choices of ring bologna, it is truly a hard feat to try and find something better than Hippey’s products. You cannot go wrong with these meats and their unique individual flavors that come with them. No matter if you shop in stores or order online, you can expect fresh products that are never frozen consisting of USA raised beef and pork. And of course, you cannot forget snacks for your picnic either, so be sure to stock up on our meat sticks and cubes.

Want to spice up your Hippey’s frank at your next picnic? Be sure to check out our free recipes to find your newest food obsession. From the BLT Dog to the Pizza Dog, take a break from ketchup and mustard by throwing your franks a curveball this summer. If you are starting to crave Hippey’s products, make sure to check our locator to see the nearest store that sells them! Or, save yourself a trip to the store and buy them online!

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