Winter is in full swing! This means we need the perfect comfort food for the crockpot to warm us up between bouts of shoveling snow or building snowmen with the kids. Fortunately for you, Denver Meat Co. has the perfect thing to slow cook to perfection this frigid winter season. Our delectable selection of sausages!

Knockwurst –

This delicious little sausage comes from the northern region of a country rather well known for its sausage creation, Germany! It is a short fat sausage, traditionally containing veal and pork, which is flavored with garlic. A beloved slow cooker favorite is knockwurst with sauerkraut and apples. This flavor explosion is sure to change the minds of many who are unsure about how delicious sauerkraut and sausage can be!

Kielbasa –

Polish in origin, literally meaning sausage. The polish sausage is slightly different than its German counterparts in that it is a more coarsely ground pork-based meat product. A constant favorite amongst those who covet traditional polish dishes is sauerkraut, potatoes & Kielbasa.

Hippey’s Classic Franks –

A simple and easy game day favorite across the nation! There is nothing quite like our franks as finger food when they are slow-cooked in just the right sauce. Our franks are already seasoned to perfection, so the extra flavor blast comes with whatever sauce you choose to cook them in. Denver Meats is the right choice for any slow cooker sauce from sweet, to spicy, to BBQ or a hot and sweet combination that will knock your taste buds into the dead of summer. Give yourself and your guests nothing but the best choice of franks next time you entertain for the big game!

While the snow is still falling and the temperatures still bone-chilling, be sure to heat up the spirits in your home and experiment with these satisfying sausages! No matter what meat you choose from amongst our wide array of products, we guarantee the best flavor and the highest quality. Denver Meat Co. looks forward to giving you the best food experience each and every time; so be sure to check out our website often to keep up with new products, recipes, and special deals! Thank you for reading this blog and we hope it made you hungry!