We might be able to argue that ring bologna can be paired with almost anything, especially when it’s a party snack! In fact, various finger foods are an essential part of any party. Stick to the traditional ring bologna treats or mixing it up with unusual favorites. So the big question is what you can pair with ring bologna? Here are just a few mouth-watering options that can’t go wrong!

● Cheese & Crackers: This is probably one of the simplest combinations, but it’s still delicious. Combine it with your favorite wheat or buttered cracker with a sharp, mild, or even pepper jack cheese. This is the perfect spread for any part, a quick snack, or even a meal.

● Pineapple: This might be more of a unique snack, but its flavor makes up for it! All you’ll need is some pineapple, cheddar, Colby, or Monterey jack cheese, and our plain or garlic ring bologna. The combination is sensational!

● Sliders: Not feeling crackers? Sliders are a party favorite! Get some slider buns, dill pickles, mustard of your choice, and one of the numerous ring bolognas we offer. Don’t stick with just plain ring bologna! Try this recipe with turkey ring bologna, garlic ring bologna, or even jalapeno & cheese ring bologna! The best part is guests can create their own sandwich with the variety of options you provide.

You can choose from an array of ring bologna, hot dogs, and other delicious meats. Come check out what’s in our shop!