Ring bologna is obviously a great stand-alone snack. When paired with a delicious cheese or mustard, bologna can be elevated to the status of hors d’oeuvres, or even nearly to the point of a delicacy (in some cases). So, take a moment and imagine what it would be like if you had your favorite bologna as the secret ingredient to a full meal? Now we’re talking! Our signature blend of spices and seasonings, coupled with our patient and intricate curing method, brings to life the best bologna you will ever taste. What full entreé’s would our famous bologna be best suited in, you ask? Well here are 3 of the best ways to make bologna into a truly unique, and delicious, standalone dish.


A hotdish is a casserole that typically contains a starch, meat, and vegetables. Instead of a typical ground beef meat product, choose our decadent garlic ring bologna. Our bologna fits, masterfully, alongside pasta and veggies. Next time you have a potluck or want to show off a new flavor at a dinner party, the “hotdish” is the way to go!

Fried Bologna Sandwich

Taking what is typically a finger food and turning it into a full-sized handheld sandwich seems so simple, but rarely do people take the smaller harder ring bologna up to the level of a sandwich. Usually, ring bologna is eaten alongside cheeses, condiments, and sometimes small pieces of bread or toast. All of the ingredients of a sandwich are often served together in a deconstructed manner. To take this to the next level? Fry our jalapeno and cheddar bologna, then select your desired condiments and breads. There you have it! You are all set to try the most delicious variant of bologna imaginable.

Bologna Ceviche

Taking a rather unorthodox approach to bologna preparation, we have ceviche. Usually made with seafood, the replacement of our classic ring bologna can ensure you cover all of your bases while entertaining. Some people have shellfish or seafood allergies, and to deprive the whole party of a delicious ceviche is a culinary travesty. The unique character of adding bologna to this dish is sure to turn heads, and taste buds, upside down.

There is so much to say about cured meats and their versatility, however when it comes to the overall scope of use and flavor, Hippy’s ring bologna is the cured meat king!