What kind of fixings do you usually put on your hot dogs? Do you stick to the traditional ketchup and mustard, or do you get a little more adventurous? Hot dogs might be one of the most underrated foods. There are so many different toppings you can add to it creating new and delicious flavors but they’re never used. There’s nothing wrong with ketchup and mustard, but there’s so much more potential you can have with Hippey’s Original Franks. Here are just a few ways you take your hot dogs to the next level this 4th of July!

● Bacon & Avocado – Avocado is a trendy summer treat because of how light and flavorful it is. With crispy bacon and sliced or mashed avocado, you can enhance the flavor of your hot dog.

● Chili & Coleslaw –  Chili dogs are another favorite for picnics, but what about chili and coleslaw? Coleslaw is an excellent alternative to sprinkling cheese on top. It’s a sweeter flavor that compliments the spicy chili and fills you up more because the veggies add more volume to the hot dog.

● Baked Beans & Chips – Baked beans and chips are already a great side dish for hot dogs. Why not combine them? The chips add a little crunch to each bite giving the splendid balance of sweet and salty.

● Sauerkraut & Brown Mustard –  We get that there are some diehard mustard fans out there. We don’t want you to lose your ways but tweak them a little. The sauerkraut adds a slightly sour flavor that blends perfectly with the brown mustard.

● Gravy & Fries – The Canadians have a poutine dish, which is fries, gravy, and cheese curds. Experience this flavor with your hot dogs by adding crispy, salty fries and brown gravy on top. Make it a full poutine experience with the cheese curds too!

● Pickles, Tomatoes, & Onions –  This is a Chicago favorite that you can make it right at home, or wherever your picnic takes you. All you need is some pickles of your choice, tomatoes, and uncooked onions. There will be so much crunch on this hot dog you won’t know what to do with yourself. If you want the full Chicago experience, use a poppyseed bun and top it off with some relish, mustard, and celery salt!

● Buffalo Sauce & Blue Cheese –  Do you enjoy the kick you get with chicken wings and Buffalo sauce? It’s even better with hot dogs! Add some creamy blue cheese to offset the spice of the sauce.

● Sauteed Mushrooms & Caramelized Onions – When you’re cooking hot dogs, chances are you’re grilling burgers as well. Besides mustard and ketchup, two ingredients that can work for both main courses are sauteed mushrooms and caramelized onions.